A strong start wins the race.

How a new leader shows up in the first weeks and months after taking over a team can have a major impact on their long-term success.

Yet despite these high stakes, many leaders are underprepared for—and undersupported during—this transition into a new role.

We created this guide to help you start strong.

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    “Thank you again for all your support, coaching, and candid advice – the guidance you provided was invaluable as I got ready to make a splash in my new role. The session we did on getting Ready for Liftoff helped me to get off to a much stronger start in my new role!”

    Brian N.

    First-Time CEO

    What you get:

    This step-by-step blueprint guides leaders through the process of preparing for Day 1 on the new job... so that they can transition in with readiness, confidence, and clarity.

    No fluff here. Just a practical actionable guide that you can use to get Ready for Liftoff in your new role.

    What is it all about?

    As a transitioning leader, want to have big impact. You want to deliver great results. You want to live up to your potential and play full-out. You want to make yourself and your loved ones proud.

    And near-term, your first order of business is to have a smooth transition in, and a strong start in your new role.

    You recognize that first-impressions matter, and you get that how you show up in the early days can have a lasting impact.

    This guide was created with leaders like you in mind. To help you inspire followership, build momentum, and deliver results in your new role.